Gain the confidence needed to facilitate outdoor learning with students.

Develop awareness and understanding of your core values towards nature.

Experience and connect with your local environment and the wildlife that lives there.

Learn about and be able to deliver sensory and values-based connection with nature activities.


Nature episodes

Episode 1 - Passa tal-għasafar / Bird Migration

Learn more about bird migration

Episode 2 - Dakra u Dakkara / Pollinators and Pollination

Learn more about the pollination process and who are the pollinators

Episode 3 - Bil-Bejta! / Nests

Learn more about nests and the amazing variety of creatures that make them

Episode 4 - X’ideja dik! / What a good idea!

Find out about some human inventions that were inspired by nature

Episode 5 - Ħabitati / Habitats

Here is tour of some major habitats in the Maltese Islands, together with some of the wildlife that live in them

Episode 6 - Bis-Sens!/ Makes sense!

Learn more about how plants and animals sense the world around them and each other through their senses.

Episode 7 - X'hemm għall-ikel? / What’s for lunch

Learn more about food chains!

Episode 8 - Kont taf ...? / Did you know…?

Find out few common myths about plants and animals and some of nature’s fascinating facts.

Episode 9 - Natura fis-Sajf / Nature in summer

Learn how some of our animals and plants cope with our hottest season: summer.

Episode 10 - In-natura billejl / Nocturnal Nature

A short documentary highlighting how nature comes to life at night.

Episode 11 - Ħamrija Ħajja / Living Soil

A short documentary about the teeming life in the soil.

Episode 12 - Adattament fil-pjanti / Plant adaptations

A short documentary focusing on how plants adapt to difficult conditions in different habitats.

Episode 13 - L Estinzjoni / Extinction

A short documentary focusing on the reasons why many species of wildlife are becoming extinct.

Episode 14 – Roosts

Some interesting facts about birds roosting!

Episode 15 – Flight

How do birds fly?

Episdoe 16 – Jikbru Waħidhom/Wild and Wonderful

Learn more about bees and flowers!

Episode 17 – Plants and Patterns

Discover more about patterns in nature and how to draw them!

Episode 18 - Il-Kamera fin-Natura/The Camera in Nature

And finally, why not learning how to take photos in nature?