Nature education is vital to inspire and empower individuals and communities to live sustainably.

Environmental issues cannot be contained within borders therefore we must work transnationally to support organisations and individuals to create and deliver high quality learning through nature programmes.


Connecting with nature inspires us to protect the environment. To connect we need to truly appreciate the nature around us, notice the colours, the sounds and be fascinated at how it all works together. These experiences influence our behaviour so we make more environmentally friendly decisions.

Through connecting with nature we can also feel happier, be friendlier and improve our concentration and creativity!

'No-one will protect what they don't care about and no-one will care about what they have never experienced'
Sir David Attenborough.


One World Learning (OWL) originates from BirdLife Malta’s flagship education programme ‘Dinja Waħda’ which means One World in Maltese.

Dinja Wahda consists of lesson plans and resources for teachers to encourage learning through nature in the curriculum.

We are now growing our network by linking organisations and individuals around the globe to share educational resources and experience.


Funded by Erasmus+ in 2017, OWL brought together best practises in this field from five European countries and the wider BirdLife Europe partnership.

• Polish Society for the Protection of Birds
• Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds
• Ministry of Education and Employment (Malta)
• Learning through Landscapes (U.K.)
• BirdLife Europe and Central Asia
• BirdLife Malta (Lead coordinating partner)
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