Teach, Inspire and Protect

About the project

Teach, Inspire and Protect (TIP) is an Erasmus+ funded project focused on teacher training for early years educators and enhancing the school grounds for the benefit of both children and nature.


In a nutshell, “children need nature and nature needs children!”


The project is building the confidence of educators to explore new teaching approaches, enhance their school grounds and offer morestimulating opportunities to children.


BirdLife Malta
Project coordinator experienced in learning through nature

Ministry of Education and Employment in Malta
Introducing a new approach to early years education called the “Emergent Curriculum”

St Nicholas College Mġarr Primary School in Malta
Pilot school in the project

Learning through Landscapes Trust  in the UK
Focusing on designing outdoor spaces in schools

BirdLife Spain
Experienced in nature education and teacher training

INAK in Slovakia
Experienced in digitalizing environmental education resources