We are delighted to welcome six new organisations from Cyprus, Croatia, Poland, Finland, Montenegro and Georgia who have all joined the One World Learning network.

These organisations are all part of the BirdLife International network, consisting of 121 partners around the globe all working towards the same mission of protecting birds, their biodiversity and working with people towards the sustainable use of natural resources.

The Polish Society for the Protection of birds are one of the founding members of the One World Learning network, having participated in the Erasmus+ funded project since 2017. BirdLife Finland, The Centre for Protection and Research of Birds, BirdLife Cyprus, BIOM (Croatia) and Sabuko from Georgia, recently participated in our first environmental education conference hosted in Brussels.

The Centre for Protection and Research of Birds based in Montenegro said that ' We would like to participate in OWL in order to get new ideas, and gain access to different educational tools that we could use to enhance our nature education activities and to expand the partnership network'.