Centre for Protection and Research of Birds

Nature education is very important to us since it is aligned with our overall goals and mission of our organisation-citizen education, with a special focus on youth and children

The mission of the centre for protection and research of birds in Montenegro is to protect birds and other animal and plant species, their habitats, biodiversity monitoring of Montenegro, citizen education, popularisation of scientific research as well as cooperation with other organisations at home and abroad, dealing with the protection of nature.

We would like to participate in the OWL network to get new ideas and gain access to new educational resources that we could use to enhance our nature education activities and to expand the partnership network.

Our current education programmes are part of the Spring Alive project which we joined in 2012. Spring Alive consists of organising educational workshops about migrating birds and field trips to important bird areas.

We are interested in enhancing outdoor and indoor educational activities according to the best practises of the BirdLife International partners.

The contact details for the centre for protection and research of birds in Montenegro are below:

Email: marija.stanisic@czip.me
Phone Number: 382202729051
Address: Velise Mugose bb, 8100, Podgorica.